Adrift and at Peace Promo

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A promo for "Adrift and at Peace," the December 2, 2010 episode of Grey's Anatomy. It's looking like a fun episode ... well, maybe for Derek, but not Meredith.
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Don't worry about MerDer. He is just trying to help Cris. He feels responsible for her state of mind. Since she went through the trauma of a gun to her head while she was trying to save his life. Derrick is a good guy and I think he loves Mer to much to ever fool around on her. I hope during this trip he talks some sence into Cris and she is able to go back to work.


wow...i will always stick up for meredith! whatever anyone says...most of the time she's right and when she's wrong...she's wrong for a reason....and looks like cristina and derek might have a lil too much fun on that fishing trip...HOPE NOT...because meredith and derek NEED to stay together...they have got to be the cutest couple i have EVER seen!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

She [Christina] doesn't do the wildnerness. There aren't even any bathrooms in the wilderness.


The first 24 hours after surgery are critical. Every breath you take, every fluid you make, is meticulously reported and analyzed. Celebrated or mourned. But what about the next 24 hours? What happens with that first day turns to two and weeks turn into months? What happens when the immediate danger has passed, when the machines are disconnected and the teams of doctors and nurses are gone? Surgery is when you get saved, but post-op, after surgery, is when you heal. But, what if you don't?


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Song Merry Xmas Basement Apartment
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