Beauty and the Beast Promo - "Ancestors"

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Vincent and Catherine have a little tiff on this Beauty and the Beast episode. Over what? Find out now!
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amazing!!!i'm happy what the storyline is going on but i think season 2 it's not enough to explore what the story were going through guyz...i think we need a season 3 of beauty and the beast.I know you agree for that #batb fans...


This episode was very intense. couldn't keep my eyes off the TV screen.The acting was excellent and while not every situation ended the way I wanted it too (especially Catherine and Vincent's relationship)a lot of questions regarding background of key friendships eg. J.T. and Vincent were answered.
Bring on Episode 2x10

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Somebody who's not afraid to arrest her own father is someone I can trust.


I don't know Tori, this whole public thing. I thought maybe it would help stop the lying, but the truth is I'm lying about myself now more than I ever have.