Before and After Preview #2

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A sneak preview of "Before and After" from the fifth season of Grey's Anatomy. It's the 15th episode of this great year.

I don't have a clue how to vote on this video. The interns act like they hardly made it out of high school. No wonder SGH isn't considered the hospital it once was. There is only one attending for each service. No one teaches including the attendings, so why should the residents. The class of R1's is hardly functional. This video shows all the reasons why GA really needs to get itself a medical advisor, and listen to him or her. That hospital is scary!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Lexie: Wait, what's the prize?
Chief: You get to scrub in on Shepherd's craniotomy.
Lexie: Yeah!
Chief: And hold the doomsday sucker.
Lexie: What's the doomsday sucker?
Izzie: Doomsday sucker?
Chief: It's just a really big sucker.
Lexie: Yeah!

Every patient's story starts the same way. It starts with them being fine, it starts in the before. They cling to this moment, this memory of being fine, this before, as though talking about it may somehow bring it back. But what they don't realize is that they're talking about it to us, their doctors and that means there's no going back. By the time they see us, they're already in the after. And while every patient's story starts the same way, how the story ends depends on us, on how well we diagnose and treat. We know the story hinges on us and we all want to be the hero.

Meredith (narrating)