Bones 'The Partners in the Divorce' Clip - Hard Hat Area

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A sneak peek of this week's all-new episode of Bones. "The Partners in the Divorce" airs September 24, 2012.
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I have been watching BONES from Season1 to present; 8 seasons. "What ain't broke don't fix..." Why Mondays??? Of course I always buy the full season's DVDs when they come out, but being part of the "audience" creates a special feeling of energy & unity plus, ratings benefit :) OK, so I have Senior Moments & forgot this Monday's Bones (#@$%^&*) so I will have to forgive myself....(sigh, sigh, sigh) eventually. Maybe there is a good reason for the change but, common sense not being the most common of the senses, tells me NO. So I will sigh, sigh, sigh some more & #@$%^&*. I will still give the unseen-by-me episode ***** = 5 stars. I have been amazed by the cast & crew for too many years to think otherwise. Maybe if I increase my vit.B12 my memory will improve ...or use a post-it note, ribbon on my finger...I love BONES... but MONDAY, MONDAY....Lord, give me the serenity for things I can not change... :)

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