Bones 'The Patriot in Purgatory' Clip - Surprising Discovery

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The squints make a surprising discovery on Bones. "The Patriot in Purgatory" may have been involved in the biggest tragedy in US history.
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BONES - Patriot in Purgatory - While working on a 911 victim, Finn thinks it's difficult for Arastoo because he is Muslim and assumes all Muslims share the same religious motives. Arastoo corrects him:
"You share the same religion with men who cherry-picked the bible to justify slavery"
"Those assumptions you made, those quick generalizations. What about the vengeance and the blood shed in the Old Testament"
"If he's not old enough to know, he's certainly old enough to learn"
"The crusades, the inquisition, are these events guided by a religion of peace? No they were guided by self important men who think they know more than the god they claim to worship"
“This was not the work of religion. It was arrogance. It was hypocrisy. It was hate. Those horrible men who hijacked those planes hijacked my religion that day, too. They insulted my God. So no, this isn’t too difficult. It’s a privilege to be able to serve this victim, to show him the care and love that was so absent that day.�

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