Burn Notice Clip: Stealing Intelligence

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It's not easy to steal classified intelligence. Michael explains why in this sneak peek at the Burn Notice episode "Official Business."
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I hate it when seasons hang like this - with such important unanswered questions, making loyal viewers wait SIX MONTHS for the freaking answers!!! It's bad enough waiting week to week during the active season! While I enjoyed the 2 hour finale, I can't believe they left us hanging on such a cliff! Also - why did they pause the season half way thru, making us wait a good while for the conclusion to this series?? That really ticked me off too. Also, I PAY Amazon for all Burn Notice episodes to be delivered to me commercial free (I HATE COMMERCIALS!) and they've been taking longer & longer to get these episodes delivered to me for viewing! I can't even stand to record episodes on the DVR & fast-forward thru the damned incessant commercials!! UGH! I'm MAD!

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Michael: Fi, how does a weekend in South Carolina sound? It's not Paris, but there will be lots of guns.
Fiona: Sounds lovely.

Michael: Do you think your girlfriend can loan me some items to look the part?
Sam: I hate this plan already.