New episodes of Gilmore Girls will launch on Netflix soon, but when will season 1-7 reach Netflix worldwide? Lauren Graham has the answers you need!
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At the Suits Season 6 premiere event in New York City, this cast member had to admit that he's resorted to online research as he's never done this in real life!
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The Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 finale will be upon us on Monday, and it means anything goes. Including execution. Watch an exclusive clip now!
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Amanda Schull is joining Murder in the First Season 3, and we have a sneak peak at what she'll be doing on the season premiere. Hint: It's naughty!
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Blindspot is already a breakout hit for NBC. Get a look at what's ahead on Episode 2 via this official NBC promo.
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James Wolk took the time to chat with press about Zoo Season 2. How did they escape the animal herd? Will all the relationships remain intact? Watch the interview now!
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On Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10, Cersei has to face her trial, but how much will the decision affect her life? We have the official preview!
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The first footage for Bravo's freshman series, Odd Mom Out starring Jill Kargman, has just hit, and it promises to be every bit as hilarious as ever. Watch now!
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Suits Season 6 is just one month away from us and we have your first look at what Mike will look like after the crazy conclusion to Season 5! You need to see this!
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After seven years of an epic love story that fans thought would be for Always, is this the end of Caskett? Check out this promo for Castle Season 8 Episode 22.
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We have an exclusive clip from AMC's Feed the Beast Season 1 Episode 5, as Tommy remembers Rie on her last birthday before her death. Watch now!
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Arrested Development characters are masters at the Chicken Dance. Sort of. Watch them give it a shot here.
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