This special Grey's Anatomy episode deals with the aftermath of Derek's death. Watch the sad teaser now.
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Ricky Martin leads the New Directions in this performance of LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I Know It." Watch and enjoy!
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Rest in peace, Derek Shepherd. This moving video pays tribute to the late, great, McDreamiest doctor of them all.
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Is Jake really dead? We're pretty sure this opening Scandal scene serves to answer that question.
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Hanna has some questions in this clip from Pretty Little Liars. It's from the episode "Bring the Hoe Down."
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Dan and Blair get it on in the elevator in "Con Heir." Watch their elevator sex scene in all its glory here.
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The Messengers is coming to The CW. Get your first look at the drama now.
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This trailer for The Originals is told from the point of view of Elijah. We absolutely adore that guy.
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