We're on the set of Black Sails for this Season 2 post-mortem exclusive. Watch the interview now.
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Dan and Blair get it on in the elevator in "Con Heir." Watch their elevator sex scene in all its glory here.
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Can Klaus trust Freya? Can Rebekah be put back in her true body? Those are the questions posed in this clip from The Originals.
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The first teaser trailer has been released for Fear the Walking Dead. Check it out now!
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We've got the first peek at the third season of the Starz pirate drama, coming in early 2016. Check it out now!
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Chuck and Jack discuss events in their lives in this clip from Monday's Gossip Girl, "Con Heir".
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For those of you who care about this sort of thing, Damon and Elena have sex in this Vampire Diaries clip. Slow motion style!
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We're on the Black Sails set with Clara Paget and Toby Schmitz. See all they had to say about what lies ahead now.
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