Scandal Season 4 Episode 14 is titled "The Lawn Chair," and it looks to be intense. Check out the official ABC teaser here.
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Hayden stalks Vivien in this violent scene from "Rubber Man." Warning: it's not for the faint of heart.
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Brienne doesn't want to be a leader. The good one is dead.
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Ragnar and his forces attack Burgred's men at the Hill of the Ash, but Floki isn't pleased. Check out the promo for Vikings Season 3 Episode 3.
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The first trailer for Community Season 6 is here. Check out this three minutes of awesomeness now!
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Whitley is reunited with his father, the head of security at operation "Spearhead." Here's a sneak peek at 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 8.
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Orphan Black Season 3 is nearly upon us. Check out this new extended trailer for a peek at what's to come.
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For those of you who care about this sort of thing, Damon and Elena have sex in this Vampire Diaries clip. Slow motion style!
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