The Vampire Diaries is a pretty serious show. But these are some pretty seriously FUNNY outtakes from Season 3.
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On Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 3 Terry faces a crisis that nobody in the family may be able to help him through. Will that stop them from trying?
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Hot shower scene alert! Hanna jumps into the shower with Caleb in this scene in order to avoid her mother.
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Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie dealt with a teleprompter malfunction at the Golden Globes. But they bravely pushed through.
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This may be the greatest karaoke performance in TV history. Watch Jeff and the Dean do their thing on an episode of Community.
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It's here! Feast your eyes on fresh footage and check out the first trailer now for The Walking Dead Season 6.
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Awkward Season 5 is nearly upon us! Check out fresh footage from this MTV hit now.
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In Suits Season 5 Episode 1, Donna makes her big move from Harvey to Louis, but will it last? Check out this trailer from the upcoming new season of Suits!
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