The Bachelorette featured a rap this week with Desiree Hartsock and Soulja Boy. It's a video that must be viewed to be believed.
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In case there was any doubt, check out this promo for How to Get Away with Murder Season 2. Yes, it's official!
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Survivor is off to the South Pacific. Check out this trailer for season 23 of the series.
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Randy and Sharon Marsh head to Broadway to see a Musical in this clip from the upcoming South Park episode, "Broadway Bro Down."
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Dan and Blair attempt to get it on in this clip from Monday's Gossip Girl, but it doesn't go as planned. Check it out.
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Sheldon spanks Amy in this clip from The Big Bang Theory. Watch and enjoy now!
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It's the man, the myth, the legend. We spoke to Timothy Olyphant about the end of Justified.
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Chuck and Blair get married on Gossip Girl ... with the police on the hunt for him. It's always something.
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