Criminal Minds Promo: Dorado Falls

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"He murdered his parents because he thought they were imposters." That line ought to make one watch this promo for the Criminal Minds episode "Dorado Falls."
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Max Martini was great on 'The Unit'. He's good at playing intense characters so playing a mentally ill psychopath is right up his alley. Here in this Criminal Minds episode they make his parents look way too young. Max looks like he's well into his 40s and his parents here look like they are in their 50s. LOL. I don't see how a 45-year-old man can have 55-year-old parents. And the mom looked even a little bit younger than the dad. So casting was a bit off IMHO. They should have gotten older actors to play his parents.

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Agent Prentiss: Definite overkill. Somebody was angry at the boss.
Agent Morgan: Somebody with hunting skills.
Prentiss: Or a law enforcement background.

Garcia: Eight victims in total. All employees, including the CEO. Five were shot and three were stabbed to death.
Dr. Reid: A gun and a knife? That's highly unusual.
JJ: Could be two killers.
Agent Rossi: That would be the first time for an office killing.