Dexter Season 6 Finale Promo: "This is the Way the World Ends"

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Will Travis end up on Dexter's table to close out season six? Or will DDK make Dexter's worst nightmare into a reality? Watch the official promo now.
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Yeah, it's definitely a UI issue. It took me a while to fuigre it out after the facelift they did a while back. Once you fuigre it out, it's easy enough though.What you do is click on Friends in the left sidebar. This will open a sub-menu that starts with Recently Updated and Status Updates (this is the real UI blunder in my opinion), but right below that starts the list of your, well, lists. Unfortunately, only the first two show until you click More , then you get the rest of them there in the sub-menu. Clicking on the name of the list should show you the feed just for those friends.Don't know why there isn't just a drop-down menu directly above the feed pane for you to select the list, kinda like there is in the Facebook iPhone app.HTH~G

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