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An extended promo for "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" from the second season of Gossip Girl. This episode looks particularly intense, even by the show's drama-filled standards.

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If Blair and Chuck don't get together I'm never watching GG ever again. I mean it's bad enough confusing us all with the whole Lily thing but Chair as well...
Oh yeah and as for the "Lilly in the institution" thing, I know for a fact that Lily was only in that institution because 19 years ago Lily and Rufus had a baby boy, but Lily never told Rufus and she gave the kid up for adoption. And then CeeCee told Rufus about the child saying she wanted Lily to be happy and to be with Rufus but they could never work if she held onto this. He confronts Lily and they go to search for him. but the adoptive parents told Rufus and Lily that their son, Andrew, died in a boating accident. But they lied and later andrew's brother Scott came and found Lily and Rufus and we eventually found out that Scott is their real son. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Soz XOXO GG CBL


i love gossip girl!!
i wish blair and chuck would get together.
im so glad vanessa wasnt in this episode because she is so annoying and always in the way!!


The trailer was SO over dramatized than the actual episode. Though, the episode was good and I actually cried. Lol.


I truly truy doubt Serena and Dan are brother and sister... first of all... ew... and second I think Lilly would have said something. and of course Dan would be older than Serena. Also think about something else if lilly was in an institution and Im speculating it has something to do with being pregnant... An abortion? Maybe? Who knows... she maybe had a trauma after that or something... I dnt think Chuck would make that much if a big deal with Lilly being there because of drugs or alcohol... Chuck is Chuck and he wouldnt care because of that...neither he would care if she had tried to commit suicide... think of it!


okay so boring lily and rufus preggers. Although trailers are often misleading my interpretation is an obvious one. Hospital in france from lily's past hiding a pregnancy when she was younger or when bart and lily were on there honeymoon in europe or wherever and she found she was pregnant although serena and dan did sleep together at the start of the season on the beach and serena and aaron (annoying little.****8) havent slept together.. maybe thats why they were hugging i don;t know you will have to wait and see!


i watched the part in which blair hugs chuck like 1000 times i feel likt watching it still 1000000000000 times...very emotional he has just one nd only blair to lean to...they give meaning to the word love...extremely cute


AWWW i felt so bad for blair when chuck drove away from her i wish they were together it would be so cute and secretly dan and serena awww


I've seen the episode.
Let's just say - for all you Chuck lovers.. you'll want to jump into the TV and make passionate love to him in the few precious seconds before the episode is over. The strong silent type changes faces and is found in Blair's room after Eleanor's wedding, sitting on her bed. Blair enters the room - with Chuck's back to her - demands his reasons for being there, and as he slowly turns, a precious look of pure grief and anguish are on his beautifully sculpted features. Blair runs to him, wraps her arms around him, and a strong hand reaches up and grasps Blair's delicate arm as he leans against her, tears streaming down his face. Favorite moment in movie history.. hands down.


omg i cant wait i REALLY hope nate and jenny get back together he is sooooooooo nummylicious :p


I don't think this secret is about someone's pregnancy. Remember when in "The Magnificent Archibalds" Lily admitted that she was in an institution like Eric? I think she also tried to commit suicide or something like that. Where this whole idea about baby is comming from? xoxo

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