Full of Firsts

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High school is full of firsts, this 90210 promo tell us. But most viewers haven't experienced the firsts described in this video. Watch and enjoy.

Ugh although Navid & Adrianna are like 90210's cutest couple.. I still think Navid is waay too good for her and deserves someone better :)


I dnt no why naomi is a confused girl


im sooo anxious to see what happens to mr cannon also whats up with charlie???


It sucks to have to wait for Oct. 25 :(( CAN"T WAIT.


so in the spoilers information navid and silver watch in shock after adriana takes the photos. why do i smell that silver and navid would hook up. i mean it would explain the makeout clip of silver and some other guy that looks like navid.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Naomi: If you show up with a raincoat and nothing underneath...
Annie: I'm not wearing a raincoat.
Naomi: Fine. Be a prude.

Do the pants come off at any point, or is this the whole show?

Dixon [to Liam]