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A promo for "Gaslit," the November 29, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. Where will Serena end up?

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (5 Votes)

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    We personally think this show is retarded. We used to love it (it was actually our addiction) but this season is a great detox.
    Chuck and Blair are awkward and artificial.
    Serena is a slut.
    Dan and Nate are pansies who can't get over some stupid bitch. Vanessa is retarded and insecure, and Jenny is bipolar.
    Juliet is crazy, but we feel kind of bad for her becuase her brother is controlling her. However, she's still nuts.
    Rufus is the only semi-normal person in this show at the moment, and that isn't saying much becuase him and Lily are far too involved in their kids's lives for their own good. Really? Who shares that much? No one.
    Eric is really not that big of a character in this show. He's kind of naive.
    Blair's mom is a coldhearted bitch.
    Dorota is just stupid, but we love her because she's sort of funny. But if we were bossed around like she is, we would snap shit on Blair and cut off her hair in the middle of the night. Take that biotch!
    Dan and Serena being together is sort of stupid. We know they aren't related, but still. Their parents are married. It's fucked up.
    The fact that Blair still has minions in university is extremely juvenile. Get over it already, no one likes you, except Chuck. And that's not something to be proud of.
    We liked Chuck until he became awkward and odd. He says the stupidest things and his war with Blair was not very chuck-worthy. It was ridiculous. We killed ourselves laughing at it. For now, that is all we can say. we can only bitch about this show for so long before we get really pissed off at it's stupidity right now.


    I agree with UES ! I wanna see the "old Serena", the other S is kind of boring!


    I wanna see the bad ass Serena we always hear about. She should go back to her "old ways"! that would be soo interesting!


    I don't really see how Dan and Serena dating is that big of deal. Yes, step sibling love is gross. But it was never like Serena and Dan related to each other as siblings. They didn't grow up together. Their parents married when they were already in college and they had previously dated. Unlike Chuck and Jenny, which WAS gross, they never lived to together as siblings. And personally, I don't even care about Scott. To me he never existed.


    so love the show but hates JENNY big time.. as far as im concerned JULIET, JENNY and VANESSA and fuckin nobody's. theyre such socialclimbers.. and jenny is such a bitch and an ingrate..


    I agree with you Dr.CerrenoMD the last episode had me hating gossip girl for a bit but I cant wait to see what happens next. Despite what S have down she don't deserve this and I hope Jenny and Juliet get dealt with so bad. Vanessa doesn't exist as for as I'm concern, she need do get over Dan. If he loves S so that be it she need to get a grip and relax. I love episode 4 it is so intense and brilliant.


    @KATS i totally agree with you the cw just published new photos that shows serena in boarding school sitting with ben and talking 2 him.... duh!!!


    If Serena and Dan will end up together, I'll stop watching this show. Dan is Serenas stepbrother, so why he even is an option for S? I really don't know what the srcipt writers are doing, they gonna ruin the show with their stupid ideas. And also i really don't know what Vanessa is still doing in the show, everbody hates her and she's just boring. And Juliet is getting on my nerves too. And this whole Chuck and Blair thing is kind of annoying too, I mean, couldn't they just realize that they still love eachother and end up together? Good thing of GG is that it's now more about some "adult" problems, not this teenie stuff !


    How have ppl not figued out yet that Ben is the teacher that S had the affair with in boarding school????


    I just want Chuck and Blair to get back together!!!! It's doing my head in now!!!!!!!!!!