Glee Does Baby It's Cold Outside

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Kurt and Blaine team up for "Baby It's Cold Outside" in this clip from "A Very Glee Christmas." Is this adorable or what?!?

I love it, when they sing together. It ounds really good, because Kurt's voice is so soft and nice and Blaine's voice is sexy and tempting. I hope, they will sing more together. I love Kurt... *-*


Hello My Name Ioan Davies I just what to say about this Song it such a amazing Song and i think everyone should hear it just because it's such a happy Song and it done's remind you of Christmas


yeahhhhhhh!!!!! ve,very niceeeeeeee....sweet and soft!!!! wow...just great.... how can you do this thing to me!!!!!


This was so cute I think it just gave me a cavity. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is my favorite "holiday" song and they definitely did it justice!


WHAT! Kurt's gonna be gettin his BOO!

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