Goodbye, Columbia: CTV Promo

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The Canadian promo for Gossip Girl's latest episode, "Goodbye, Columbia." See what happens next!

i love chair.
im just hoping they're war would be like season 1 and then theyd forgive each other and be together again.


i hate the scene that chuck declared a war on Blair. I think Blair still loves Chuck, she just doesn't want to admit it, or she hasn't find a way to forgive him.


ugh this is so stupid. Chuck declaring war on Blair? please. It seems like Blair is acting like a weenie when we all know she used to take down people before Chuck Bass. And why is Chuck making a big deal out of it anyway? So Blair chased away Eva.. did Chuck really think she wouldnt try? Besides, Chuck did horrible things to Blair, and never once did he apologize. Why shouldn't Blair try to get even? He said with eva he was "someone he was proud of", he can still be that person without eva. Him returning to his former self just shows us the truth, that he hasnt really changed.

Katherine salvatore

chuck is so pissed at blair!! wat will happen next??


omg the fisrt one to write or vote chuck : " blair it's war "

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Serena: B, can I talk to you for a minute?
Blair: Yes. [to Minion #1] Five paces behind. For privacy. [to Minion #2] Ten for you.

Researching women of power so I can better forge my path to become one ... Sarah Louise Palin!? [to follower] Do you even want to be a minion?!