Gossip Girl "Father and the Bride" Clip: Dan and Serena

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A clip from the January 23, 2012 episode of Gossip Girl. Dan and Serena are featured.
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Whooooa! I loved Serena and Dan, Im so tired of him being always behind Blair when he knows she doesnt sees him more than a good friend... Please get over her Dannn, loving her is too season 4! Chair forever


You can tell their only putting these two together because of the fact that come the 100th episode their gonna put Chair together. So their trying to ease the pain for us Dair fans. It's not working. Why give us all this Dan/Blair build up, only to yank it away? I'm not understanding their motive. It's dirty and that's why the show could possibly be cancelled. They have the same storyline every year that the show has been on. Let me sum it up for you. Dan/Serena, and Chuck/Blair. They'll sidetrack every once in a while only cause they don't have anything else to come up with. Even the actors have stated that Chuck/Blair has gone on long enough. Their just trying to make 60 percent of the audience happy, and that's not right. It should be who's meant to be, not who pleases the most, cause their funny. Ugh.


I adore these to together hope they get back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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