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The Canadian version of the promo for November 7's episode of Gossip Girl hints at major drama to come. Look at Louis fighting back against Chuck!

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For Chuck and Blair just belong together. I mean they went together through so much and they love each other darley and I really want Chuck to be the father, because they would just be a happy family. And louis is nice but he isn't Chuck, whi understands and loves Blair the way she is. Chuck and Blair are just the sweetes couple on Gossip Girl.


yes CHAIR for the love of God. Give us True love give us chair


Noooo I was looking forward to some real sessions and actual rehab for chuck! :( i haaaate Louis. Why cant't the writers give him a real chance for redemption?


Jesus christ wtf are you talking ab?????? DAIR??? seriously??? EVERYONE who has watched the show from the beggining knows that BLAIR AND CHUCK are the stars of the show and are meant to be together!!!!! they are perfect!!!!


Dan and Blair SHOULD be the endgame. They share most of their interests together and had a spark when their friendship was growing. Obviously, Dan is completely in love with Blair, since he made her the star of the book, which was mentioned by the jealous Serena. I don't think there is any chance for Dan and Serena to reunite, it was only the writers way of confusing the spectators and to allow Derena fans to dream again. First of all, Dan and Serena are step brother and sister and the thought of them in love is extremely creepy. Second of all, the book clearly states that Dan is in love with Blair. The interaction between Dan and Serena in this episode was only meant to let know Serena of Dan's feelings. At the end of the episode, they were speaking to each others as friends, which explains that Serena understands his feelings. Also, Blair might not recognize any feelings for Dan, but she went to him for every down situation of hers. She knew he will be there for her, which is not something she can expect from Chuck. Even though she is admitting to be in love with Louis, we all know that Louis doesn't fit in the Gossip girl environment.
Dair are meant to be together. They are the only couples who shared a great friendship, and what is love without friendship, right?


Yawn!Just give us chuck and blair already -.-


i hate ivy's she needs to get away from nate hes mine or serenas


If the writers really want to shock every1 they need to make the baby to be dan's and put dair as the endgame

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