Gossip Girl 'It's Really Complicated' Promo

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The promo for next week's Gossip Girl episode, "It's Really Complicated."
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Blair looks very cute as a squaw! Of course from her are sweeter Serena and Dan who kiss in front of everyone at dinner for Thanksgiving and so everyone know they are together again!

Drea xoxo

Even the promos can't save the remains of this car crash season. i am so disappointed and regret having such a high expectation following the brilliant 15 minute ending to the series 5 finale (which i still have saved) i don't know why they bothered bring back the original team, they've made it all worse. and dan getting punched good he deserves it for everything he has done tbh. i just want chair and fudge everyone else not even invested in them.


I totally agree with you. It has been a real disappointment I'm just waiting for Chuck and Blair to get together already! Dan and Serena are boring...they are not the main couple!


Oooh, I wonder what Nate punches Dan in the face for... hopefully this next episode is better than the rest of the season. Then again I don't know what I keep hoping for with this series, the last season has been pretty bad so far. Literally the only reason I keep watching is in case, at some point, Chace Crawford takes his shirt off again. As sad as that sounds but that's literally the only reason, this season is waaaaay below expectations.

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