Gossip Girl Season 4 Premiere Trailer

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Our first glimpse of the fourth season of Gossip Girl takes place in Paris. Sacre Blair! Vive le Chuck!

hey, when and what time does Gossip Girl S4 premiere in Australia ?


Well this is kinda nice to look forward too !


hell yes!!!!!!!!!! ed is lookin' good :)


looks sooooooo good love it,chuck and blair!!!! amazing scene,Blair and serena amazing clothes and love the scene with the fountain hilarious,dan...... so funny love him!!! they didn't show much nate... i guess serena will be falling for that cute guy but she will be confused between dan and nate so ... she will be jelous of nate's new girl and maybe she will after that meet the new guy who probably will be for a couple of episodes and i guess in the end of the season she will have to choose between n and d.... and chair will be so amazing this season,i think they finally did something better for GG


Chuck and Blair HAVE to get back together again. Last season when they got back together they had totally lost their chemistry and B said she wanted her relationships to be easy and now C is 'a changed man'. Voila! :DDD


It's official: until they all return to New York, OMD is the new OMG!!


i dnt think it is i think its da french dude tht was kissing blair on the cheek anyways
OMD!!!! this is so amazing the scenes b/w chuck and blair were just :O!
i like da first scene they look at each other nd they're lik w the heck r u doing here? lol i can NOT wait!


Oh Mon Dieu, indeed!! :D So anxious for Sept. 13!


September 13 is the premiere in which country? USA, Australia or?


OMG amazing. Is chuck speaking in french when he says 'paris is beautiful' blah blah. ?????

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