Gossip Girl 'The Return of the Ring' Clip - Chuck and Blair

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Chuck and Blair star in a new sneak peek from the Gossip Girl season finale. For the couple, it all comes down to this episode ...
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@ Tony So the fact that the cat was out of the bag ruined it for you? You cduoln't even get into it strictly as a horror film?@ Daniel Yeah, talk about how times change. these days a hoax is debunked withing hours, not weeks. Sorry to hear you lost sleep over it, though to be fair there are still visuals from the flick that give me chills.


Cette émission c'est du vrai caca!


Blair whts wrong wth u! U still luv ths selfish C he's horrible to u always the reason he wntd is bcoz u didnt want him ! Chuck never luved her as she luved him hell wth u C u dnt deserve B bever had never will i hate Chuck so much i wanna kill him! He totally agrees wth whtevr his father says n believes it evn after evrythng she did for him! I hope Chair never happen coz it will always be like ths Blair deserves sme1 who loves her trully n forever... Go Dair


He says about waiting all year bt she waited in series 1 n he stood her up then series 2 he took a yr 2 say i love u
What the hell are those writters doing ????? Were they drunk ????


Though blair has been bad to chuck he was a pig here, she never told him 2 do the dowry pay he said he wantd to even on the wedding day but now his blaming her for his dad taking the business WTF ??????
And since when did he always put her 1st anit it only been this series with the dowry


Ok from a Chair fan.....WHAT? I've been watching to waiting for this and this, this writers is what you give us? More recycled they won't crap. She isn't enough?? Hopefully, this is a clip trying to throw us off. Because if it isn't than let Blair be with Dan and give Chuck someone next season who will be enough....Stupid writers.


Okay. So now she is "in" love with him! My god :/ come oon. What the hell is happening?!?! He rebuffs her, she will go back to Dan, Dan wont take her back. Then she will be loveless like Serena was after her Nate-Dan confusion. Recycled stories. Also. Wth happened to Bass Industries?! Did Bart find out chuck paid the dowry and seized his role in the company?! I can imagine if that happened how mad he must be at Blair!

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.