Grey's Anatomy "One Step Too Far" Clip: Heartbreaking

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A clip from this coming week's Grey's Anatomy. It's a heartbreaking scene.
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i think teddy should b took off the show dont like alex or merdith they should make mark the star of ga or christina instead of merdith i hope derrick stays n richard i adore callie i like bailey wish they had left george on the show he rocked wish they would bring back denny...... .

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Our intentions are always pure. We always want to do what is right, but we also have the drive to push boundaries. So we're in danger of taking things to far. We're told to do no harm while we're trained to cut you open with a knife. So when we do things when we should have left well enough alone. Because its hard to admit when there's no problem to treat, to let it alone before we make it so much worse. Because we cause terrible damage.


Alex: I felt bad that I had to sit with you all night so you didn't cry yourself to sleep over your sad premie.
Morgan: He has a brain bleed!