Grey's Anatomy Promo - "Do You Know?"

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This special Grey's Anatomy episode is all about Cristina. Watch the ABC teaser now.
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The beauty of Grey's can be found in this episode. It's tough not to watch when everything comes together so neatly. Callie calling Derek out on intellectual property was absolutely correct. Derek tends to forget that he worked in a team. Callie sharing the name on his project probably saved him in the long run. Why? The government probably wanted to claim ownership of his project to reap the future benefits or rights to it. Thereby steal it from him. This will be harder to do with more than one doctor on the bill. Meredith telling the bioengineer not to touch her printer without reading first is correct. Why would a bioengineer want to touch it on the first day without knowing the project material is beyond me. What I don't understand is why he didn't know her research on incoming. A lot of questions were answered about Jackson and April, but a lot more were asked. April thought she knew Jackson, most based on assumptions. She apparently is the provincial christian farm girl and he is a secular upper epsilon fortune 500 kid. Surprise, surprise, he may not believe in God. He most likely believes children should pick their own faith. We also know why he was picked as board chairman because all Harper-Averys belong to the board by fifteen. He was born for this life. If they actually had a relationship, we might have had a chance to see more of Jackson's and April's background and how they overcame their personal obstacles to a marriage. That would have been fun and dramatic to watch, instead of that wedding debacle. Well, now they are married and I hope they can work it out. Religion is a tough nut to crack.

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