Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Heart-Shaped Box"

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Hey, it's the return of George's mother! Watch the Grey's Anatomy promo for "Heart-Shaped Box" now.
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Oh My, someone turned up the heater in that promo, bring me a fan stat.
Embracing the future oh yes you are, that was one electric passion filled kiss. (You would think they were a real life couple lol but we know they are not) Bring on McBaby and give em Zola at the same time 2 for the price of one :-)
The Dempsey/Pompeo chemistry is still at buzz worthy levels, especially now McDreamy is back with a vengenence.

Sofia doremus

Omg I think by imbrace the future thing Meredith and Derek are probley trying for a baby cause they don't get Zola I RLLY HOPE THEY DONT GET ZOLA!!!!!!!!!!


Whoa whoa, awesome it's about time some Derek and Meredith making out, 8 episodes, I miss these two together. Hope they get Zola. November and the sweeps crap. I hate hiatus.

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I will not have another O'Malley lost under this roof.


Avery, today's the day! You pumped? Get pumped!


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