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For one Grey's Anatomy character, it will truly be the end. Prepare yourselves, fans, and watch this season finale preview.

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The preview indicates that Derek sustains some form of hand injury, which is going to hinder his ability as a surgeon especially a neuro surgeon. So we have that ahead of us next season. As far as which one will die, I hope it is not Mark or Lexie, but my fear it is. It is going to be a long summer..........................!


It's not derek because he returns in season 9.


When did Derek post that he was on for two more years and where is this post????


This is to Bob Hotness: A quick comment to yours:
You said:
I also found it weird that Derek turned his back on his "dream" with Meredith in the last episode as well... telling her that curing Alzheimers is his dream NOT the house. That almost killed me!!! The house was always a metaphor for his relationship with Meredith in my opinion... and now that its built his dreams are something different... and requiring Meredith to NOW submit to his will and control. Spat on Mer-Der's "true love" :( I see your point in a sense, but, the whole reason for his dream being an Alzheimers cure is because of his deep fear Mer will get it! This supports their whole "deep love" plot all the more!! Who do you know sets out to cure a disease so their love will be spared, just in case? He loves the house, Seattle Grace, and their life, but he loves her MORE...


It doesn't work on my cell...:(


i think shonda is too smart for that. She knows she will catch more flack from her lesbian following than from Christian following, so Arizona will live and April will die..if it's down to the two of them. I think Derek will live but will have some sort of severe memory loss and actually become a patient that he would be accustomed to treating. This will allow them to stay in Seattle since it will be a long hard road before he can practice surgery. Meredith will finally suffer from some sort of acute stress disorder, Christina will race back to Owen only Owen will not be willing to forgo having children. So the woman he cheated with will be preggers and Christina will let him have that and they will assume a strange yet satisfying unusual relationship. Alexia and mark will work through their grief together and get back together and she will very quickly become pregnant. IF Arizona does die, then cal lie will have a hard time with lexie spending so much time with her baby.


It's not derrick! If you look closey around the end of 0.04 and 0.05 you can see a person in the attending scrubs with short wavy hair.


Christina is not hugging Mark, she is supporting Derek after pulling him out from under the wreckage. Arizona will die, she is the only one who took someone's place on the plane at the last minute. Alex will stay at SG out of tremendous guilt, and Callie will hate him. After near death experience, Christina will realize Owen is more important than Mayo, and she will stay. While the six are trying to stay alive, the girl that Owen slept with will come to the hospital to tell him she is pregnant. When Christina comes to Owen he will have that little piece of news for her, but she will stay with him then.


April or Jackson were not on the plane. April was fired by Richard, so why would she be and Jackson was with her at Joe's when the others were leaving. I can't see her committing suicide either. IF anyone does indeed die, which we are not for sure, my theory is Arizona because Alex is up in the air about where he is going. He will be over PEDS. Mark was in the promo, he told Cristina they needed to get Lexi help. Arizona was also in the promo, Derek is the only one they didn't show. Which of course makes you think he's the one that dies, however, I don't believe it's him either. I guess we'll all see Thursday....I can't wait!!


So after further analysis i stick to my earlier noting with confidence that only could it be either Lexi or Meredith.... i found a shot that i determined to be mark setting a broken arm or a dislocated elbow on Christina and 2 shots of Derek one he looked like he was having troble getting up but another were he was uncomfortably walking looking for others. Lexi has enough people trying to help her that i am hopeful for a full recovery how ever the way that Meredith was acting she would need way more help than anyone could give under the conditions... so sadly either way i believe we are loosing a grey. i read an interview that made it sound like we will loose one this week with more hanging in the balance with probability of death for the beginning of next season

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