Hawaii Five-O Promo: "Pahele"

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It's a race against time on Hawaii Five-0 this week. Hanging in the balance? The lives of school children.
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Stolen from a book! The writers made a huge mistake when they wrote this one. Taken from a book by Mary Frances, The Box. In her book, seventeen children are kidnapped, bus and all. Then buried! Talk about theft! You guys need to pay for the television rights! Before she sues! Btw...her book has been out for several years. Make it good guys! I smell trouble.....
Trust me, I will watch, take notes and then...contact my Atty! You see, I AM Mary Frances!


The Promo looks good. Lori is there :)

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Joe: How about you treat me to a Shrimp Jambalaya and we'll call if even.
Steve: You are the only man on the planet who would see Jambalaya as even for the end of their career.

Steve: This is my fault.
Joe: My actions are my own responsibility.