Huddy Sex Alert!

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Prepare for complications on the new season of House, fans. Oh, and also for hot Huddy sex, as seen at the end of this preview.

They call THEM Huddy because of the H on House and her original name Cuddy like the nickname for Thirteen and Foreman called Foreteen... DUH! You're both fired


Why DO you call her Huddy? Glad to see things finally going in the direction of a relationship between House and Cuddy. I've liked Edelstein since her West Wing days. I think the writers have what it takes to explore this area without sacrificing the integrity of the show. We already know the cast can do it!


The character's name is Lisa Cuddy, not Huddy. DUUUHHHHH. Advertise correctly, aren't they paying you millions to do so?
You're fired!!!

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