It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Promo: Extended

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A slightly longer look at the new installment of Gossip Girl. See what you think!

I don't think that they send Jenny to boarding school. It is the stupidest thing in the world to send a troubled kid away! Rufus and Lily are smart and they wouldn't do something like that. Serena is ugly and i don't want her to stay with Nate. I don't think that she gives an advice to her father to try to get Lily back. That's the thing for promos - they always give false impressions so we don't reveal the episode to soon (before the episode is shown on the TV).


rufus should kick williams ass back to timbuktu!=)


i'm guessing serena backs up will who tries to get lily away from rufus and stay in the picture. Jenny knows what will is up to, and tells him things to try help him to destroy rufus and lily's marriage. they find out and realize what will is doing. Will leaves, and because of Jenny's dealings with serena, will (and possibly a third situation?), they send her away to boarding school.


i hate serena in this upcoming episode. she's being selfish. lily and rufus love each other why does she let her father ruin their marriage. such a b*tch... and come on! GIVE US SOME DAIR ACTION! CHAIR IS GETTING OLD AND BORING! for jenny, just get the hell out of the show "homewrecker" but for now, i think serena is the homewrecker!


isn't it just gr8 that jenny n chuck r stil in cahoots!!??
God, who cares??Show us some chair action-as the promo sez- 2 ep,s left!!Time is running out for (please) the dair hook up and chair 2 b reconsiled!!


DANG! He Serena's dad is just playing a sick game to weasel himself back into his family. Go get um Rufus!

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I had a buddy that went to Exeter, and the stories he told would make Keith Richards blush.


[on her apartment] In a post-war building on a street that's not even numbered? It's lettered. And its big selling point is that it's above a falafel stand.


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