A promo for next week's Gossip Girl, "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore." Looks like all Chair!

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    Ha! Just noticed Chuck is wearing the same bathrobe Serena wore when she got rescued by the non-judging breakfast club at the end of season1!!! So Blair's bathrobe then!! Only him can pull it off XD


    i cant waittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEP


    this episode is gona sexy and romantic because Blair and Chuck are doing this maraton hook ups to end their relationship but wich I hope in this episode they forget all the games , lies,all negations and shit,and start over with a new , happy , more, united and stroger relationship then ever but the right way.second this episode is gona be grate because finally Nate will know the real juliet ,in six words an evil,manipulative,lying,vile,hateful and snakky bitch she is worse then gorgina. well O.M.G poor Nate is gona get hurt and heartbrocken.


    That gone be .... hot hot


    Omfg! had me squealing the whole time! Can't wait !!

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