NCIS Promo: Newborn King

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Check out the promo for this week's special Christmas episode, "Newborn King."
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I'd like McGee's sister to come back with a surprise - she wants to be an agent. The producers announce at the beginning of the season that DeNozo would stop acting like a peter Pan jerk. They lied - he's still a Peter Pan jerk! Does anyone besides me wonder what happened to Special Agent E.J. Barrett? Did I miss it? What about those guys that stole those implants to sell and want her dead? NCIS has had continuity issues in the beginning and it looks like they are having them again. I absolutely HATE continuity issues. Come on guys, bring it back to reality!


Would like to see more of McGee. I think he is neglected in the show. You show to much of DeNozo or however you spell his name. My husband & I love your show though never miss one & hope we never have to.
Thank You
Mary Workman


that looks kinda weird for your typical ncis episode, especially a christmas one. maybe the episode will be better that they promo.

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