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The Final Goodbye is upon us. Check out the promo for Ziva's final episode of NCIS.

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    Whats this that Cote is pregnant???


    I wish we could see more of this Smart Sophisticated and yes funny Tony and stop making him look like a Goof Ball He is a way better actor agent than that Remember Gibbs you said you depend on your No.1 Guy show some love like you do for Tim more Gibbs /Tony partners your Family Gibbs stop being so mean.


    Finally we have to wait until ziva's farewell to see tiva. I think that without Cote de pablo, it will never be the same. I won't see the show any more, except if Ziva is back in some episodes as reccurring guest star.


    Me encanto como actuó Tony en el 11x1...esperemos a ver 11x2..se ve superromantica...y creo que Ziva va a ser recurrente..fijence en lo comentarios de Weatherly..que Tony no se fijara en Obispo...claro mantendrá un romance virtual con Ziva?...


    If ziva wants to come back. Will you bring her back to the show?


    Aww! The show NCIS will not be the same without Cote de Pablo "Ziva"
    I hope she comes back to the show and hoping all is well with her and her family.


    I'm sad about Cote leaving, but so far, I'm loving season 11. The new girl replacing Ziva is a doll. I hope she works out. We trust you Gary, Mark, and all the others involved with the story line. Good job so far.

    I'm even getting a little excited about NCIS New Orleans coming this spring. When I went there, they made sure we knew how to pronounce New Orleans the way the locals do; "Nah-lens". It should be a fun show. Just don't lose any of the cast to alligators.

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