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The promo for the Season 10 finale of NCIS, "Damned if You Do."

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Not ending the show just the season. Mark Harmon has already signed on for the next season so he is not going anywhere. Of course they give you those cliff hanger moments that make you wait for the start of the next season to see how they are resolved.


They aren't ending this show or taking anyone off are they? I so love this show!!


I love you guys so much that I cant breath without seeing you on freeview.


I am all for gibbs and ziva the show won't be the same without them


Okay, now I'm waiting bated breath for the 30 second promo, then the sneak peeks and then the finale. After that I'll need a hobby until September 2013.


I hope everyone feels as I do....they have the perfectly blended group!! Lose any one of them and the show dies a slow death......Why must the show die???? It is pure entertainment! Gibbs is the best! We are all waiting for Tony and Ziva to finally become an "item". Why not milk this for all it can give? Get rid of NCIS:LA and then we will be back into the real swing of things. Sorry, but the LA version never had the same kick as the original show. Where were the Navy/Marine personnel that needed the agency's help? I LOVE NCIS!! Nix Miss Hart....I never liked the way she direspected Gibbs by calling him "Mr. Gibbs" instead of Agent Gibbs....yuck!


I hope this is not a lead into a long legal battle next season to save Gibbs as we all know this show is heading toward its last one or two seasons left. It has been a great ten years but all good things must come to an end. I truly hope Ziva comes back as it will be such a great loss to their family and slowly things will fall apart if they try to replace her, I hope like all other seasons it will clear up in the first couple of episodes and move on to more good shows. Face it we know Abby holds the biggest of Gibbs secrets and lets hope Vance gets that report destroyed before they find it or we will need Miss Hart back but I see Harm coming to save Gibbs, like Gibbs did him in his finally episode. lets hear your idea's

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 24 Quotes

Morrow: There's a connection between the death of that Navy Seal and what's happening with your team.
Vance: What kind of connection?
Morrow: The murder of Eli David opened a political can of worms that was much bigger than anyone expected.
Vance: Eli and Arash Kazmi wanted to forget a peace. But Bodnar killing them opened the door.
Morrow: Homeland and the CIA wait for chances like this, to stir the pot. Distract governments so that all sorts of recon can happen. The CIA needed Iran to believe Mossad was responsible.
Vance: Are you telling me that Bodnar didn't kill Kazmi?
Morrow: I'm telling you we did it, Leon. The CIA took out Kazmi that night so that Bodnar would end up being the fall guy. Iran and Israel could duke it out while we focused on the real threat. We're all so damned worried about Iran and North Korea when the real threat is here, on home soil.
Vance: It's a shell game isn't it? Keep people distracted.
Morrow: Leon you see why I wanted you to keep your distance?

Vance: Tom Morrow may have a solve. We pull it off this could all go away.
Gibbs: For all of us?
Vance: Clean slate.
Gibbs: What's the catch?
Vance: It might kill you.
Gibbs: So could a bag of clams.
Vance: [laughs] We sure picked one hell of a career didn't we Gibbs?
Gibbs: Got to make a living Leon.