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Unfinished business. That's the theme of next week's NCIS Season 8 finale promo. Will Gibbs and company find and apprehend the P2P at last?

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This is not the first Whisper we couldn't hear ie good cop, bad cop Gibbs whispered something in Ziva's ear that made her smile. I do hope the have Jackson back again and also Frank's granddaughter and daughter in law. I think the feud between Gibbs and Vance has gone on long enough, what do you think


Great show! Where did Mike Franks funeral take place? Were the bullets just blanks? Also what did Gibbs whisper in Mike's daughter-in-laws ear?


I can't stand the suspense! The end of "Swan Song" just about killed me! I loved the scene where Ziva and Tony were in the elevator together and Ziva said she didn't know how much more of it she could take and Tony answered, "Better us than someone who didn't sign up for it." I loved that. Tony's so sweet

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