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The promo for NCIS' February 14 episode, "Secrets." We finally meet the infamous Wendy.

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    I TOTALLY agree. I am SO disappointed this season. It is the character development that made the previous seasons so enjoyable. Their personalities and interactions were so fun to watch. There isn't much of that at all this season. Donald Bellisario may have been a micro-manager, but he produced great stories and great characters.


    I don't know about anyone else in the UK but after Months of excruciating waiting, a VERY disappointing first few episodes of NCIS season 9! The 'team' doesn't seem to 'be' there! It's not believable now. Flimsy plots unconvincing support acting from the weekly's. The older 'Angelina look' woman from Lebanon, complete with lip gloss on a ship! Sad.
    The dynamic needs to return....taking it in turns for 'cameo' week is crazy. Instant residency granted for 'boat people' with terrorist ties? I don't think so! Please stop insulting us.... bring back the quickfire NCIS!