Petty in Pink Promo - Extended

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Blair and Dan take center stage in this extended promo for next week's Gossip Girl. "Petty in Pink" looks like it will up the ante ...
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ı don't care what is endgame dair or chair but for now i want dair. Dan says "we're not friends" to Vanessa not blair . He will find out her call to serena. ıt's too early for blair engaged to charles what will happen in season5? Season3 was so boringgg


DAIR is new, fresh and perfect.
CHAIR is old, stinky, (getting) boring and sweet. But we all know the end game would be CHAIR. :(( I'm a DAIR fan!!


eu estou adorando como a drama esta se desenrolando dan e blair com sentimentos reprimidos que daqui a pouco vão ser jogados para fora aí sim ta formada a bagunça chuck deve ficar com a blair mas não agora e o principe volta para paris... dan nesse momento deve ficar com a blair e ver até onde vai esse sentimento que esta matando todos na serie é melhor assumir logo ante que seja tarde...


I totally agree for the Dair pair!Although i feel horrible for chuck. Bt we cant have everything in life. N serena, is hypocrisy another name for friendship???Look forward to watch episode 19!!!


Serena has some nerve even getting a little upset about Dan and Blair - HELLO!??! Did she not sleep with Nate while he was dating Blair and then was in a relationship with him?! HYPOCRITE!


Eugh...I wish Dair would just happen! And I know for sure that Charlie and Dan will come close to sex, I have proof but why can't Dan and Blair just get together without Serena, Charlie or Chuck to get involved, I mean I like Chuck when he's jealous and I think that Prince Louis will stir things up and make it even more interesting but Dair needs to happen like soon? Not just for show, I mean Blair likes Dan! You can tell but she's in denial and Dan is so cute about his feelings for Blair


how do i hate Serena, let me count the ways! also - hating on charlie coz she just wants in dan's pants. also - DAIR. also - the writers are just torturing us dair fans. they will never let us have it.. not even for one stinky episode.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Well, because if Vanessa is lying and it isn't true, then I'm a horrible friend for believing her. But if it is true, then they're horrible friends for not telling me.


I'm sorry, I'm still new at this, how is this better than just asking them?