Pretty Little Liars Canadian Promo: "The Naked Truth"

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What truths will be exposed on Pretty Little Liars this week? Watch the Canadian promo for the 2/6/12 installment and get an idea now.
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Seeing the UN in the neikkd bike ride video reminds me of how it was never possible to hop the fence there late at night and run through the garden, past the twisted gun sculpture, and up to the building itself before noticing the motion sensors on the sidewalk and sprinting back to the relative security of the street. Nope. Such a thing was never possible, especially circa 1990.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Aria: Can I touch it?
Spencer: Yeah, it's a raincoat, Aria. It's not a mummy

Yeah, I don't know about her fortunes, but that lady with the tube top makes really good apple butter.