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This promo for the season finale of Pretty Little Liars says it all: A. Is. Revealed.

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When Hanna hit that person with the car that scream sounded just like Ali


I love how most people are saying its Ezra and their main argument is that his name ends in A, well check this out;
So.... does that mean that they are all A? I highly doubt that.
I think that Alison is alive and when Hanna was in hospital I think that she was actually there- not in Hanna's head- din't know how she fits into the story though????


Guys it's Jenna she was blind in one eye and not the other the whole time, she knew that Garret had given her pg 5 of alis death paper and Jenna knew the girls would soon find out who killed Ali so she framed it on Garret to make it look like it wasn't her and you know how at the end of each episode there is a little clip of A well in the last episode the little clip was Jenna and not A and that's y Jenna is A


Hannah looks shocked because she's about to hit someone with her car..
Producers have said that the series is not the same as the books where Mona was A, so I don't think Mona is A.. Everyone on the fan pages are saying it's Ezra


It is clearly Mona,and that is why hanna is so shocked


It's obviously someone close to hanna because the whole trailer is how she reacted to finding out A


There are theories it's either them or Jena and someone else. I know the boy said that the woman wasn't blind but I reckon Jena could see the whole time!


Is the couple the boy in the doll store talked about melssia and garet?

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