Private Practice Season 5 Finale Promo

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It's all come down to this on Private Practice. Watch the official ABC promo for the season five finale, "Gone, Baby, Gone."
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Well, babies born with anencephaly vary in how much of the brain is missing (brainstem is sometimes intact) and have lived anywhere from a minute to 2 years old depending on their care. I think it comes down to if the baby can't breathe on its own and they are willing to let nature take its course, then hooking the baby up to a ventilator etc to save the organs would be allowed, but it is hard to say.


I guess they would have to take the baby's organs while it is still alive (which would have to be during these first hours before inevitable death). The baby won't be "braindead" in the conventional sense, like the normal organ donators. So yes, it is murder, because it's too late to donate the organs after the baby has died by itself.
But that's just my guess.


The child has no brain right? So how is she killing it? It will be dead in minutes, because you can't go on living without a brain telling your body to breath, or have a heart beat right? So I'm not understanding the ethical dilemma, and why her boss needs to confirm with the lawyers weather or not she can donate her baby's organs while they are still functioning. Isn't this her choice?

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Private Practice Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm like that... all bomb-shelly.


I am shocked by just how much I genuinely love him. I want to take the pain away, and I know I can't and it just kills me.


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