ABC has released a extended preview for Revenge Season 3. Get an idea of just how bad things will get for Emily Thorne now.

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Drea xoxo

So it's the last series? here are my theories : david is alive,
aiden is victoria real son...?
aiden is double crossing vicki.....
the person who kills em/mans is either nolan or charlotte shoot it could even be her dad or mason! ooo wait even ashley
ahhh finally i am excited for this show

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

[to Nolan] Let's never say the words Carrion or Initiative again.


Fear. It's a fire that burns from birth in even the coldest heart. It motivates and paralyzes the best of us or is used as a weapon by the worst. But when your path is one of treachery and deception the greatest fear of all is that the truth is absolute.