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A promo for the May 3 episode of Glee, "Rumours." We smell a homage to Fleetwood Mac in the works. Just a hunch.
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i want to ask will there be a more dinamic range for the mechs such as if you fire a ppc or a gauss and its range is 800 so after the 800 metres it jest majicaly vanishes and not hit the guy sitting in the cockpit of the lightmech thats 800 and 1 meter away giving you the trollface? or will it hit him but not at the max damage such as if you hit at 850 the damage is halved and the acuracy is redused so it may not hit where you targeted and same with missles but you cant lock if the mech is say 500 metres farther away then the optimal range?


sue cracks me up in this episode


Sue looks so -lol- "Bowie". I listened to the songs and I am looking forward to watch Rumours


this episode looks good! the song rachel is singing sounds good ...


No way Sam's not gay... Right? No but considering the ep title is "Rumours", I'm guessing that's all it is


i don't think so.....just a rumour :D




omg no no no no no no no kurt cant cheat on blaaaine !!

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Santana told me never to speak alone with you because you would try to steal all of my gold.


Lord Tubbington is allowed to eat cheese because he's on Atkins.


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