This extended trailer gives fans a look at the first season of Falling Skies. Get an early look at the episode "Prisoner of War" and others now.
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We adore Colin Cunningham as John Pope on Falling Skies. The actor talks about the show and his character in this exclusive interview.
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Moon Bloodgood dishes on Anne and Tom's relationship on Falling Skies in this exclusive interview. It's courtesy of Comic-Con 2012.
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Noah Wyle returns to TV in Falling Skies. Feast your eyes here on the first official trailer for this new TNT drama.
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Connor Jessup and Jessy Schram both star on Falling Skies - and in this exclusive Comic-Con interview! Watch now.
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Rescue is only the beginning. Check out the official trailer and a sneak peek now at "Sanctuary, Part 2."
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Forget a promo for season two of Falling Skies. This video actually depicts the opening three minutes from the season two premiere.
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Who are your allies? That's the main question that will be asked on Falling Skies Season 3.
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