The cast of Glee gets its Carly Rae on in this clip. Watch the show cover "Call Me Maybe" on the Season 4 premiere.
Kate Hudson... who knew she had this in her?!? Watch the actress heat up the dance floor on the Glee season premiere.
Glee returns with "The New Rachel" on September 13. Watch a new Fox promo for the Season 4 premiere now.
Rachel gets berated by her NYADA instructor in this sneak peek at the Glee Season 4 premiere. It begins around the 1:20 marks.
Kate Hudson will play a major role on the Glee Season 4 premiere. Watch this Fox promo for a look at her character.
It's the first official promo for Glee Season 4. We get our first look at Kate Hudson as an instructor at NYADA in this video, along with Sue and her baby.

Glee Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Cassie: I bet you were a big star back in...Iowa.
Rachel: I'm actually from Ohio.
Cassie: Ohio? That's even worse.

Cassie: What's your name?
Rachel: Rach...
Cassie: Little Miss David Schwimmer?
Rachel: Little Miss David Schwimmer.