Another sneak preview of "Lay Your Hands On Me." Boy, there is a lot going on in this episode - likely the last of Season Four and the final new episode of Grey's Anatomy for some time.
In this sneak preview of "Lay Your Hands On Me," Dr. Bailey's son, Tucker, is being operated on, and she insists on watching while Dr. Hahn operates. That doesn't go over well with Hahn and the Chief.
A promo of the de facto season 4 finale of Grey's Anatomy, "Lay Your Hands On Me," airing January 10, 2008. It's the 11th of the season, but given a writers' strike that's not looking to end soon, it may be the last.

Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Are we together or are we not?


Now do you want me to stay here talking to you? Or do you want me to try and save your baby's life?