Hiro is featured in this cool new promo for season three. Check it out now.
His character may have been shot to close season two, Adrian Pasdar is back for season three of Heroes. He chats here with BuddyTV about the show and his role on it.
Check out another commercial for season three of Heroes. The action begins on September 22, 2008!
Here's a promo for season three of Heroes. Makes it look like the show is back on track for sure.
Check out this interview with Greg Grunberg. The Heroes actor is one of our favorites.
Masi Oka visited the Rachael Ray show during his break from filming season three of Heroes. Sadly, the actor has lots of free time now to do these kinds of things.
Here's a look at Villains. It's chapter three of season two of Heroes.
A preview of Powerless. It's the Heroes winter finale, capping a chapter on the show.

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Can you ever escape?

Mohinder Suresh

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Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
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