Brandon Buddy and Kristen Alderson appeared on The View on May of 2008. The One Life to Live stars discussed their story line on the series.
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Tina and Marty are back on One Life to Live this week. Here's a look at the preview for the events.
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Let's look ahead on One Life to Live. Here's a preview for this fall's events.
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This was a first on daytime TV. Two male characters shared a sex scene on One Life to Live.
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Here's a preview for One Life to Live for November 2008. Take a close look and enjoy, readers.
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Here's a video of Kathy Brier on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The One Life to Live star looks strange appearing on another show, doesn't she?
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Snoop Dogg has redone the theme for One Life to Live. Take a listen. What do you think?
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One Life To Live Quotes

I don't know, something twisted. I mean, this whole place is twisted. It's like some twisted shrine of him and mother. What'd you do down here, gramps? Count your money and stare at yourself while groping at your daughter? Bastard!


Jessica: Do you know what an evil, lying tramp Shawna is?
Rex: Yeah. That's why I like her.