Jabbar comes down with stage fright, while Haddie gets caught with Alex this week. Check out the official promo for "Opening Night."
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Check out scenes from the new season of Parenthood in this NBC trailer. We can't wait for the show's return.
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
The stakes have never been higher for the Bravermans. Check out the official Parenthood promo for "Step Right Up" now.
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Zeek has an announcement to make. You'll find it funny when you watch this Parenthood trailer for the 10/4/11 episode.
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Cee Lo Green stops by this episode of Parenthood, while Nora comes home. Check out the official trailer for "Tales From the Luncheonette."
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I'm high?!? So asks Adam in the funny preview above. It's for the Parenthood episode "A House Divided."
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On April 27, 2010, NBC airs the Parenthood episode "Perchance to Dream." Watch this preview for it now.
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The May 4 episode of Parenthood is titled "Namaste No More." During this our, sex advice is passed on and financial problems are exposed. Check out the official NBC preview.
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Parenthood Quotes

Zeek: Who wears the pants in the family?
Crosby: What year do you think this is? The fifties? There's no one wearing the pants, or not wearing the pants...it's a partnership.
Zeek: Oh my God, that sounds dreadful.

Hey Millie, I would love to dance with you.


Parenthood Music

  Song Artist
On my way back home On My Way Back Home Band of Horses iTunes
Song Smile Evil Twins
Well runs dry Well Runs Dry Peter Case iTunes