It's the season two finale of Parenthood! It's the aftermath of Amber's accident, Crosby putting it all on the line, and Adam and Kristina dealing with a little surprise.
Amber's life direction takes a nosedive, while Crosby goes Hail Mary to win Jasmine back. Watch the official promo for "Slipping Away" now!
Finally! It's been way too long, but Parenthood returns on March 29 with the episode "Taking the Leap." It's previewed here.
Adam and Kristina sit Max down for an awkward talk on this episode of Parenthood. Check out a clip from it in this promo.
Crosby must own up to his mistake on the appropriately-named episode, "Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist." Watch the promo now.
Minka Kelly returns to Parenthood this week. Check out the official promo for the 2/15/11 installment now.
John Corbett debuts on this episode of Parenthood. He plays Sarah's ex-husband, as previewed here.
I'm high?!? So asks Adam in the funny preview above. It's for the Parenthood episode "A House Divided."

Parenthood Season 2 Quotes

Julia: I'm going back out there. I've read ten books on sex-ed I think I have a little bit of a better handle on how to explain a penis to a six year old girl.
Joel: Can we just give it five or six years to shake off the damage we've done and start fresh?

Haddie: I feel like you were being a little bit irrational.
Kristina: I was?
Haddie: A little bit out of the ordinary...

Parenthood Season 2 Music

  Song Artist
On my way back home On My Way Back Home Band of Horses iTunes
Song Smile Evil Twins
Well runs dry Well Runs Dry Peter Case iTunes