Suits Season 4 kicks off on June 11. Check out the first official trailer now.
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The fourth season comes to a crashing finale. What did Harvey's "I Love You" mean?
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What's ahead on Suits? Check out this trailer for the episode "Inside Track."
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Check out the official trailer here for "Bail Out." It's the 7/21/11 episode of Suits.
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It's mock trial time! Check out this USA trailer for the Suits episode "Play the Man."
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Suits moves ahead with a new episode on Thursday, August 11. Check out the official promo for "Identity Crisis" now.
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How hard can it be to take on the toughest lawyer in the city? We find out this week on Suits.
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Will Mike blow his chance this week? Check out the official Suits promo for "Errors and Omissions."
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Suits Quotes

Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


The rules dictate that you must be precise as the law is a precise endeavor.