On Suits Season 6 Episode 2, Harvey tries to find a way to save Mike from Frank, but what does Frank do in order to stay one step ahead? We have the preview!
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On Suits Season 6 Episode 3, Mike will have to go toe-to-toe with Frank in a plan that could send Frank packing for good. We have the promo for you!
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At the Suits Season 6 premiere event in New York City, this cast member had to admit that he's resorted to online research as he's never done this in real life!
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Check out this all new teaser for Suits Season 5 Episode 3, starring the one and only Charles Barkley! Can a litte star power help Harvey out, or will his panic attacks be his undoing?
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Suits Season 6 just got its return date, but it's the very quick glimpse of what remains of Pearson Spector Litt that has us more than a little worried!
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In Suits Season 5 Episode 1, Donna makes her big move from Harvey to Louis, but will it last? Check out this trailer from the upcoming new season of Suits!
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HA! Rick Hoffman and Gabriel Macht crack us up in this exclusive interview. Watch as the former tells the latter how to answer our questions about Suits.
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It's bonus time on Suits. Watch this clip from the episode "Asterisk" now.
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Louis to the rescue! Watch how he comes to the aid of a panicked Donna in this Suits sneak peek.
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We're off and rolling on Suits Season 4. Check out an exclusive clip here from "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner."
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Gabriel Macht teases Suits Season 3 in this exclusive interview with TV Fanatic. Watch now for an idea of what to expect from the show this summer.
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The fourth season comes to a crashing finale. What did Harvey's "I Love You" mean?
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Oh, and I'm black in here.


no, and if you have a problem with that, frankly my dear i don't give a damn.