One of the Grounders is poisoned at the celebratory dinner.
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The 100 season finale is nearly upon us. Check out the official CW trailer now.
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Bobby Morley and Lindsey Morgan star on The 100. We tracked the stars down at WonderCon to ask them about this CW drama.
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Check out this exclusive clip from The 100, given to TV Fanatic by The CW.
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We've reached the end of season 2. Will our group survive and get off Mount Weather for good?
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Thomas McDonell stars on The 100. What can we expect from this CW drama? Watch and find out now.
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Marie Avgeropoulos plays a key role on The 100. She talks up the new CW drama in this Q&A on set.
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Eliza Taylor and Devon Bostick play key roles on The 100. We chatted with them at WonderCon 2014 and asked about this CW drama.
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The 100 Quotes

You don't like being called "princess," do you, Princess?


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